RS Monthly Guide

God Statues
1) Burthorpe. South-East of Loadstone next to Poletax and the Alter of Guthix.
2) Yannile. South side of Castle walls.
3) Canifis. Just east of the Loadstone. Can be seen while still standing at loadstone.
4) Lumbridge. Cross bridge to the east then run north until you see on the left side of the path.

You start out by picking which statue you are going to build for that area. There is only one status that will please the villagers in the area. If you picked the right one, you can proceed to, after the statue is built, to pray at it for added prayer XP (XP earned is level based). If you pick one of the other 3 options you will get to fight someone earning you slayer XP. I’ve always found them easy to fight but if you show up not prepared be ready to run just in case they damage you a bit too fast.