RS Weekly Guide

Your cheat sheet guide to what to do weekly for xp, items, or to earn GP.


Keep in mind a lot of tasks will require you to at least start a quest before being able to visit that area.

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General Tasks

Tears of Guthix
After completing the quest Tears Of Guthix you can visit Juna weekly to collect Tears to earn XP in your lowest skill. There is also a part 2 of the quest that lets you make a bigger bowl for collecting more Tears. The amount of time spent in the cave collecting depends on the number of quests completed.
To Start: Fastest way there is Games Necklace. Click for picture of area. Normal route is to go to Lumbridge Castle Basement and go through the hole in the wall. As needed for the quest, do make sure you have a candle and tinderbox or Seer’s Headband for light. After you go through the hole head south like you did in the quest until you get to the cave. Review picture if you need a guide to follow.
To check when your week is up just review the quest log for Tears Of Guthix. It will tell you the requirements needed to collect more Tears.

This is a must for low levels. Free XP in the skill of your choice. Bonus points for being a member. You can also search for the Polar Bear and the Ghost Penguin, each requiring a quest to do. Do Hunt for Red Raktuber to hunt the polar bear and Some Like It Cold to hunt for the Ghost Penguin. NOTE: For the Ghost Penguin you have to have the Ring of Visibility equipped to find and spot.